Welcome to Trail of Terror

     For the 2023 Halloween Season The Trail of Terror Team is challenging you to survive our all new attraction The Haunted Barn. The Haunted Barn is guaranteed to be the most exciting, adrenaline pumping, crazy entertainment possible in a barn. Our actors will be dressed up, made up, and desperate to scare the yell out of you. They come out crawling, moaning, groaning, screaming or exploding with chainsaws running. Whatever it takes to creep you out or freak you out they will be doing it.

New for 2023 is the "haunted Forest Trail" with the Terrifying Tree Gnome.

Beware, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.

May Be Too Intense For The Following:

  • People With Weak Hearts
  • Those That Faint Easily
  • Small Children
  • Pregnant Women